Heroes Of Mavia

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Discover the enchanting world of Heroes of Mavia, an enthralling MMO Strategy game crafted by Skrice Studios.

Immerse yourself in the fantasy realm of Mavia, an island teeming with possibilities.

As a player, you'll construct your bases on designated plots, engaging in epic battles against neighboring bases and armies to claim valuable in-game resources, including the coveted P2E cryptocurrency RUBY.

Strategy is key as you strategically position defensive structures like walls, turrets, and traps to safeguard your treasures from cunning invaders.
Ready your troops and vehicles to launch calculated attacks on rival bases, plundering their resources.
Earn RUBY through daring victories, then harness it to enhance your Land, Statue, and Hero NFTs, shaping your path to greatness!

Free to play to earn Strategy game.
Build your army, defend your base and fight for Ruby. crypto game, Heroes of Mavia.





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